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Monday, July 4, 2011

INDONESIA : The Pinisi Boat, witness folk culture on the Sulawesi island

The Pinisi Boat is a transportation Bugis-Makassar ancient tribe that is still used today. Since the first, the Bugis in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, known as an accomplished sailor. They are very versed in the sea and ocean to the various regions in the archipelago by Pinisi boat.  
Pinisi boats including traditional marine transportation Bugis society that has been famous since centuries ago. According to a story in the script I Lontarak Chronicle La Lagaligo, Boat Pinisi already exist around the 14th century AD According to the manuscript, Boat Pinisi was first made by Sawerigading, Crown Royal Luwu. Materials to make the boat was taken from welengreng tree (the tree gods) are known to be very sturdy and not easily fragile. However, before the tree was cut down, first held a special ceremony to penunggunya willing to move to another tree. Sawerigading make the boat to sail to China had wanted to woo Chinese princess named We Cudai.  
Long story short, managed to marry Princess Sawerigading We Cudai. After a long stay in China, Sawerigading longing for his homeland. By using the first boat, he sailed to Luwu. However, when the boat will enter Luwu beach, suddenly a huge wave hit the boat up to rupture. Fragments of the boat washed up to 3 (three) places in the region Bulukumba, namely in the Village Ara, Tana Beru, and Lemo-Lemo. By communities of the three villages, the parts of the boat and then assembled back into a magnificent boat and the boat called Pinisi. 
Until now, Bulukumba still known as a manufacturer of boat Pinisi, where the craftsmen still preserve the tradition in boat building, especially in Keluharan Tana Beru. 

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